See the Difference FHI vs Competitors

  • Family History Intelligence

    Family history website including narratives of each ancestor with maps and graphics

    Fascinating and personalized

    Trained researchers do the work

    Project pricing with a clear end result

    Troves of historical documents records

    Well-researched and fact-checked product

    Myths and legends are explained

    Historical context explained

  • Other genealogy sites

    Clunky family trees with just names and dates

    Boring and dry

    You do all the work

    Ongoing fees and unending frustration

    Limited access to documents and records

    No fact checking = lots of errors

    AI software produces misleading connections

What’s your family story?

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400 Years of Lost Family History

It started with an old letter in the attic.

Sarah grew up without a real connection to her dad’s side of the family. She knew her grandfather was a preacher and her father had grown up in a Christian environment with Mennonite or Amish roots. Aunt Joan, the family historian, died in 2020, leaving Sarah to think that her connection to her family’s past had died, too.

"She was the last connection I had to any kind of history on my father’s side…. Her death made me yearn for the family history I never knew I was going to get."

Thanks to a fit of pandemic boredom, Sarah found a letter in a dusty box while she was cleaning the attic. It was 100+ years old and had some tantalizing details.

Discover your family’s roots, let’s get started with a Preliminary Dig


Sarah needed to know more, but all of her efforts on popular genealogy sites were fruitless, full of confusing dead ends and false leads. She needed a specialist, somebody that goes beyond the traditional genealogist.

Family History Intelligence Takes on the Case

“The game is afoot!” - Sherlock Holmes

Sarah kept the letter a secret from her family for the moment. She remembered that a friend had worked with Family History Intelligence, a specialized genealogy firm founded by Lisa Maddox, a former CIA analyst. She took a leap of faith and sent the only copy of the precious letter.

Begin Your Own Preliminary Dig for Only $50


FHI uses a rigorous approach to family history to recreate the details of the past in a way that makes sense of all the confusion that heritage sites can create.

The Below Steps Outline Our Process For Initiating and Completing a Family History Project:


Preliminary Dig


*applied to project if client chooses to proceed

Our genealogists conduct preliminary research to determine if there is enough available data to develop a robust family history project. Within one week, you’ll receive a custom project proposal, along with the results of the preliminary dig, which include an estimate for how far back we may be able to trace your ancestry. The cost of the preliminary dig will be applied towards your project, should you decide to proceed.


Project Scoping and Proposal

Proposals will fall into one of three categories depending on your interests and available information. We partner with Artifcts, so please let us know if you have family Artifcts and we can incorporate them into our research.

Basic Package $1000-2500

- Project scope of 3-4 generations for one family line (i.e. grandfather, great-grandfather, and 2nd-great-grandfather).

- We’ll authenticate each ancestor via genealogical research and develop narratives, telling the story of each ancestor with photos, documents, and historical context.

- The narratives will be incorporated into a private family website.

Traditional Package $2500-3500

Narratives for up to six generations. This project scope typically delves into the first three generations of the maternal and paternal family lines. The narratives will be incorporated into a private family website.

Deep Dive $3500-5000+

Narratives for 7+ generations, providing the same finished product of a private family website.


50% Payment

Payment up front. The price is 
based on the package type.


Research and writing commences!

Continue the project research


Website Delivery

30 days for edits


Final 50% Payment

Other half of the price payment.
(Final payment)